Nuclear weapon free world: Impossibility or necessity?

Paul Ingram, co-director of BASIC (British American Security Information Council-, nuclear disarmament expert, is coming to Nottingham University on Thursday 2nd October, to give a talk on nuclear disarmament.

Thursday 2nd October
7pm – 9pm
Room A40, Clive Granger Building, University Park Campus

From national security to global cooperation in a time of crisis: If we are to get through the 21st century, survive climate change and build a sustainable society we have to rebuild international relations from the bottom. And we have to start with a nuclear weapon free world.

Pauls’ knowledge and understanding is second to none. This is your chance to get really clued-up on the issue of nuclear weapons and disarmament, and to put your questions to an expert. Whether you’re new to the subject or already feel you have a good knowledge and informed understanding, this is a chance to develop and build upon it.  The talk is free and open to all, jointly hosted by Nottingham Student Peace Movement and Nottingham Young Greens.

We hope you’ll make use of this great opportunity to hear an awesome talk and engage in some debate on this incredibly important issue. Spread the word. See you there!



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