Can this generation end war? Find out!

The Peace Conference 2009

10am – 6pm, Saturday 9th May
Portland Building, University Park
Free entry – No need to book – Everyone welcome


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‘Capitalism has destroyed our belief in any effective power but that of self interest backed by force’
George Bernard Shaw

Why is there so much fighting, destruction and suffering on our planet?  Is modern warfare really ‘human nature’?  How are conflicts related to economics and geopolitics?  Is the capitalist system to blame?

Join us for a day of talks, interactive workshops, discussions, debates, films and food.  The conference will engage in a range of topics exploring the links between war and the dominant economic system of our time.

Confirmed speakers, groups and participants:

Milan Rai, editor of Peace News
Dr. Matthew Rendall, Lecturer in Politics and International Relations
Dr. Srila Roy, Lecturer in School of Sociology
Dr. Tim Jacoby, Lecturer in the School of Environment and Development at Manchester University
Dr. Andy Robinson, Research Fellow in the School of Politics and International Relations
Steve Yemm, from the think-tank Compass
Campaign Against the Arms Trade
New Internationalist
Shut Down H&K
Amnesty International
Frank Jackson, editor of World Disarm!

For more information, email:

Whether for one session or all day, join us for some informative and insightful investigation of these pressing issues.

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