Materials & Resources

This page contains information about some educational materials we would recommend to anyone wishing to further their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.  See or know of something we should add?  Let us know, email us: nspm {at}

NSPM Reading List

Many of the recommended titles bellow are available for University students and staff at the University libraries, to check if a book is available, please sign into the University Portal:

Also check out the ‘Activists Book’ Project, for details of a selection of books we have to lend:

In no particular order:


Nineteen Eighty-Four – George Orwell
Brave New World – Aldous Huxley
Catch 22 – Joseph Heller
The Crucible – Arthur Miller
The Trial – Franz Kafka
An Inspector Calls – J.B. Priestley
We-Yevgeny Zamyatin
The Drowned World- J G Ballard
The Dispossessed- Le Guin
Darkness At Noon-Koestler
Infinite Jest- David Foster Wallace
Why Globalization Works- Martin Wolf

Non Fiction

Enemy Combatant – Moazaam Begg
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – John Perkins
Unpeople – Mark Curtis
Web of Deciet – Mark Curtis
A People Betrayed – L R Melvern
7/7 The London Bombings, Islam & The Iraq War – Milan Rai
As Used on the famous Nelson Mandela- Mark Thomas
The Party’s Over- Richard Heinberg
Powerdown – Richard Heinberg
Heat- George Monbiot
Captive State – George Monbiot
The Age of Consent – George Monbiot
No Logo- Naomi Klein
The Shock Doctrine – Naomi Klein
Tell me no Lies – John Pilger
Hidden Agendas – John Pilger
The New Rulers of the World – John Pilger
One No, Many Yeses- Paul Kingsnorth
Real England- Paul Kingsnorth
Hegemony Or Survival- Noam Chomsky
Temporary Autonomous Zone -Hakim Bey
Society Of the Spectacle- Debord
Simulation and Simulacra-Baudrillard
The Gulf War Did Not Take Place-Baudrillard
American Fascists- Chris Hedges
Deer Hunting With Jesus- Joe Bageant
Marx for Beginners- Rius
Empire- Hardt & Negri
Civil Disobedience- H.D Thoreau
The Information Bomb – Virilio


Many of these can be found on youtube or googlevideo.  Also, check out ‘cinema pacifico’- our weekly film night- for information on future screenings.


Fahrenheit 9/11
Frontline; Cheney
Hijacking Catastrophe
Distorted morality: Americas war on terror
Alternative perspectives in the war on terror
Road to Guantanamo
BBC Newsnight; Guantanamo Report
Pilger – War on Demoncracy
Hidden in Plain Sight
Taxi to the Dark Side
Standard Operative Proceedure
Adam Curtis – The Power Of Nightmares
Counter Terror – Build Justice
Pilger  – Breaking the silence: Truth and lies in the war on terror
SBS Dateline; Inside Indonesia’s War On Terror
PBS Frontline; The Dark Side


Racism: A History
This is England
American History X
Mississippi Burning
To Kill a Mocking-bird


Money as debt
Frontline; Secret History Of The Credit Card
PBS Wide Angle; Ireland, Mixed Blessings
The Money Masters
PBS; Commanding Heights – The Battle For The World Economy

Food, Consumerism and corporate power

Fast food nation
Future of Food
Supersize me
Wal-Mart the movie
Supermarket Secrets
PBS Frontline; Is Walmart Good For America
The Corporation
Enron, the smartest guys in the room
Pilger – Pepsi vs Coke in the Ice cold war
Black Gold
Darwins Nightmare
The Fourth World War
Noami Kilne – The Take
Micheal Moore – Sicko
McLibel; Two People Who Never Said ‘Sorry’ To McDonalds


Bill Hicks – Relentless & Revelations
Mark Thomas – Serious Organised Criminal
Robert Newmans’ History of Oil
Mark Steel

Arms Trade

On The Verge
Lord of War
Deadly Cargo – Nukewatch film on nuclear convoys
Pilger – Flying the Flag: Arming the world
Micheal Moore – Bowling for Columbine


Outfoxed; Rupert Murdoch’s War On Journalism
Manufacturing consent: Chomsky and the media
Control Room
Orwell rolls in his grave
Enemy Image
This film is not yet rated
The revolution will not be televised
American Propaganda Films; Communism (1952)
Is The Media Failing America; A Conversation With Dan Rather
Steal This Film

Civil Liberties/society

Taking Liberties
SOCPA the Movie
V for Vendetta
The Lives of Others
God night and good luck
Last party 2000
Adam Curtis – The Trap; What Happened To Our Dreams Of Freedom
Adam Curtis – The Century Of The Self
Adam Curtis – Pandora’s Box
Decadence; The Meaninglessness Of Modern Life – Democracy
Big Ideas That Changed The World; Tony Benn On Democracy
Democracy Crushed; Tiananmen Square
PBS; Communism – The Promise & The Reality
The Cuban Story; The Truth About The Fidel Castro Revolution
The Putin System
Chomsky On The Decline Of The American Empire – Al Jazeera
America; Freedom To Fascism

A place called chiapas
The Cocnut Revolution

The Insider
Newsnight; If Drugs Were Legal / The’If’ Debate


Climate Camp Film
A Crude Awakening
Crude Impact
The End Of Suburbia; Oil Depletion And The Collapse Of The American Dream
An Inconvenient Truth
Discovery Channel; Global Warming; What You Need To Know
The Age of Stupid
Ancient Futures
Hoti Painu –French Nuclear Testing
Who Killed the Electric Car
Go further
The Power of Community – how cuba survived peak oil
Eleventh Hour
Battleship Antarctica
The Planet
Palmed Off


The war you don’t see
Occupation 101
Arnas Children
Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land
The Philosophy Of Zionism And Israel
BBC; Israel’s Secret Weapon
Iron Wall
Anti-NeoCons; New Palestine; The Reality In Israel And Palestine
Wall – Simone Bitton

Waltz with Bashir
I Know I’m not alone
Avenge but one of my two eyes
Dispatches; Iraq; The Hidden Story
Iraq for sale
Galloway Vs. Hitchens; Hurricane Katrina & The Iraq War
Why we fight
War made easy
Paradise Now
Pilger – Year Zero –Khamer Rouge in Cambodia
Pilger  – Vietnam – Quiet Mutiny
Pilger  – Palestine is still the issue
Dr Strangelove
The last atomic bomb
Babitsky’s war
Micheal Moore – Fahrenheit 911
The Whole Truth about the war in Iraq
Propaganda War; Operation Sadam
Iraq in Fragments
Discovery Channel; Guests Of The Ayatollah; The Iran Hostage Crisis
BBC Money Programme; The War For Oil
PBS Frontline; Showdown With Iran
Berkeley in the 60s
Hearts and Minds
The Trials of Henry Kissinger
Robert S. McNamara: The Fog of War
Passionate Eye; The World According To Bush

Global Social Justice

The Yes Men
Shooting Dogs
Coconut Revolution
Pilger  – Death of a Nation
Pilger  – Inside Burma
Pilger  – Welcome to Australia
Pilger  – Paying the Price: Killing Iraqi Children
CSPAN; George Galloway Vs. Norm Coleman
Pilger  – Stealing a Nation
The Weather Underground
Hotel Rwanda

The Devil Came on Horseback

Blood diamond
Massacres in Bosnia and Croatia
The Official Story
A voz da punta
500 years later
This is what democracy looks like
Life and debt
Micheal Moore – Roger and me
XXI Century
Getting away with murder: Human rights in Columbia
Howard Zinn: You can be neutral on a moving train
Malcolm X
Down and out in London
Dispatches; How To Get Ahead In Africa
What I’ve Learned About U S Foreign Policy; The War Against The Third World
Hot Type; Jeffrey Sachs On Africa
The constant Gardener
Big Bucks, Big Pharma; Marketing Disease & Pushing Drugs
GNN; Crack The CIA
Plan Colombia; Cashing In On The Drug War Failure


Noam Chomsky: Rebel without a pause
Noam Chomsky; Interviewed By Zack De La Rocha
Bob Marley; Rebel Music
The Motorcycle Diaries
Harold Pinter; Nobel Prize Speech