Milan Rai Talk: Why Does The Media Lie – Applying the Chomsky/Herman Propaganda Model to the British Media

On Thursday 27th November, Milan Rai renowned author, political activistand editor of Peace News will visit the University to give a talk on corporate media propaganda.

7pm, Room LG 19 Trent Building

Why Does the Media Lie?

Why Does the Media Lie?

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Nuclear weapon free world: Impossibility or necessity?

Paul Ingram, co-director of BASIC (British American Security Information Council-, nuclear disarmament expert, is coming to Nottingham University on Thursday 2nd October, to give a talk on nuclear disarmament.

Thursday 2nd October
7pm – 9pm
Room A40, Clive Granger Building, University Park Campus

From national security to global cooperation in a time of crisis: If we are to get through the 21st century, survive climate change and build a sustainable society we have to rebuild international relations from the bottom. And we have to start with a nuclear weapon free world.
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Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new peace of cyberspace!  Home of Nottingham Student Peace Movement.  Do take a look around and if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions, be sure to let us know. Email: nspm {at}