Climate Camp hits the City of London on April Fools Day, the eve of the G20

On 1st April, just before the G20 meet in London, Climate Camp is going to the City! All are welcome to join them for the day or the full 24
hours of camping in the square mile, together with workshops, positive alternatives and direct action.  Bring a pop-up tent, smiles and ideas.

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the Great Green Film Festival ’09

NSPM invites you to…

*** The Great Green Film Festival 2009! ***

Saturday 14th March, 10 AM

C11, Portland Building, University Park Campus.

Free entry, no need to book, all welcome.

GGFF Poster

A day of film screenings and discussion centered around the theme of the environment and ecological issues. This is a chance to learn about and reflect upon humanity’s relationship with the ecology of planet earth. Come and join us for a review of the key ecological challenges facing the planet and threatening our survival: Why are these occurring? What are the causes? and what can be done about all of this?

Morning sessions 10-2:

Peak Oil and Food
With the world’s oil supply starting to peak and eventually decline, this session will give a comprehensive view of the importance of oil globally, the impact of oil shortages, and potential alternatives for the future. Includes ‘A Crude Awakening’, ‘The Future of Food’ and ‘A Farm for the Future’.

Climate Change
This session will assess the impact of climate change on our global ecology, how our lifestyles need to be addressed, and the gap between scientific knowledge and political will to act. Includes ‘David Attenborough: ‘The Truth About Climate Change”, ‘Reach for the Sky: Aviation and Climate Change’ and ‘Planet Earth: We Have a Problem’.

* Lunchtime food from Veggies and stalls by various university societies and environmental groups.

* 2.45pm – Plenary session
in C11 -short film and group discussion.

Afternoon sessions 3.15-7pm:

Ecology and Humanity

How has modern society’s relationship with the planet become so destructive? What is the future for humanity? Also followed by some oil related comedy with some hilarious and shocking insights. Includes ‘The 11th Hour’, ‘Koyannisquatsi: A Life Out of Balance’, and ‘Rob Newman’s History of Oil’.

Activism and Alternatives
Be inspired and find out what people are doing right now to tackle climate change. This session will show the variety of ways that people have taken the issue into their own hands, ranging from inventive uses of waste materials, to setting up a sustainable camp for action. Includes ‘The Convenient Solution’, ‘The Coconut Revolution’, short films about this year’s Camp for Climate Action, and ‘Ancient Futures’.

Hope you can come along and get involved in some marathon ecological documentary sessions!

University Occupation Begins in Solidarity with Gaza

A group of students have occupied B62 of LASS to demand urgent action from the University for the people of Gaza.

MP Alan Simpson makes address in occupied B62

MP Alan Simpson makes address in occupied B62

For more inormation please visit:

Milan Rai Talk: Why Does The Media Lie – Applying the Chomsky/Herman Propaganda Model to the British Media

On Thursday 27th November, Milan Rai renowned author, political activistand editor of Peace News will visit the University to give a talk on corporate media propaganda.

7pm, Room LG 19 Trent Building

Why Does the Media Lie?

Why Does the Media Lie?

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Nuclear weapon free world: Impossibility or necessity?

Paul Ingram, co-director of BASIC (British American Security Information Council-, nuclear disarmament expert, is coming to Nottingham University on Thursday 2nd October, to give a talk on nuclear disarmament.

Thursday 2nd October
7pm – 9pm
Room A40, Clive Granger Building, University Park Campus

From national security to global cooperation in a time of crisis: If we are to get through the 21st century, survive climate change and build a sustainable society we have to rebuild international relations from the bottom. And we have to start with a nuclear weapon free world.
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Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new peace of cyberspace!  Home of Nottingham Student Peace Movement.  Do take a look around and if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions, be sure to let us know. Email: nspm {at}