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Saturday 17th July
The Sumac Centre, Nottingham (directions below)

Nottingham Student Peace Movement was first established by concerned students in the lead-up to the US-lead invasion of Afghanistan and has subsequently opposed wars and injustices including the illegal invasion of Iraq and the brutal blockade and bombardment of Gaza. Our main focus is to highlight and and work against the root-causes of war and injustice. We have been involved in a broad range of causes from anti-fascism and civil liberties to disarmament and the environment. We employ a huge diversity of tactics from awareness-raising and motions in the Students’ Union council to protests and direct action. We work with an inclusive and dynamic approach based on consensus processes.

In the lead-up to the war against Iraq, we organised dozens of coach-loads of Notts students to attend the massive protests in London. We have blockaded the nuclear bases in Aldermaston and Faslane. We have organised countless debates, discussions, conferences, workshops and have hosted fantastic lectures from timely voices in the political-wilderness. We played a large role in organising the highly successful ‘Free Hich campaign’ which mobilised the largest campus protest in the history of Nottingham University, and has ensured the freedom of our friend and NSPM-alumni Hicham. Many other projects and groups have emerged from NSPM, including the popular free summer-festival ‘Sounds on the Downs’. These are just a few of the concrete achievements of the society over years for which it has existed.

This has been a difficult year for NSPM. All those who have been involved are final-year students and all have been extremely busy with other commitments. As such NSPM has not been so active and effective as in previous years. We have not received the much-need injection of energy from the next generation of student activists. Thousands of people have attended our events over the years, but precious few get actively involved in helping to organise them. The entire committee are graduating this year and the future of the society is now in jeopardy.

In a last attempt to save NSPM we are calling an AGM on Saturday 17th July, at 1pm, meeting at The SUMAC Centre.


We need everyone who is interested in the future of student activism at Nottingham to attend this meeting. If you are studying at Nottingham next year or are a member of the wider community, if you have been on our mailing list silently watching, if you are interested in peace and social justice but have never gotten actively involved, now is your time! Please step forward and help to save the most active and effective peace and social justice society on campus! If NSPM folds this will be a great loss to the diversity of political activism on campus and a great loss to the campaigns and causes which NSPM supports.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but are keen to get involved next year, please send an email to nspm@riseup.net. If you would like a place on the committee please indicate this.

We hope that this lull is not the end of NSPM, but just the beginning of the revival!

Yours in peace and hope.